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What Schedule Fairness Means to Me

Monica Jimenez, a retail worker at a major brand drug store, had this to say about why she supports the Fair Scheduling Act:

“Because I don’t know my schedule in advance, dentist and eye appointments for my kids are always scheduled last minute and squeezed in between the gaps of ‘free time.’ As a result, I usually only get appointment times that then require me to take my kids out of school. I could take a sick day to get the kids to the doctors, but it then means I don’t have any days left when the kids actually get sick. I also have a hard time scheduling appointments with my children’s teacher and participate in their education. It makes me feel like I’m setting a bad example for my daughters. Of course they want mom to be there – and I rarely can commit to that.”

Stand up for Schedule Fairness and help parents like Monica be there when their kids need them. Join the campaign today!


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Schedule Fairness is a project dedicated to providing fair schedules to retail workers.

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