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CA Dem Party Convention News: Growing Support for the Fair Scheduling Act!

This weekend, Democrats from across California meet in Anaheim at the State Party Convention. The Women’s and Labor Caucuses unanimously approved a resolution in support of AB 357 – the Fair Scheduling Act. Read the full text of the resolution below and thank you to all the caucus members for your support and in particular Christine Pelosi, Chair of the Women’s Caucus, Tim Paulson, Chair of the Labor Caucus, and Jessica Bartholow, Western Center on Law and Poverty for leading the charge!


WHEREAS, More than half of food and general retail store employees nationally receive their work schedules one week or less in advance; and,

WHEREAS, Unpredictable scheduling practices and last-minute work schedule changes cause workers who are already struggling with low wages to live in a constant state of insecurity about when they will work or how much they will be paid on any given day; and,

WHEREAS, The instability of day-by-day scheduling not only makes it difficult for employees to plan their finances, it also makes it difficult to secure and maintain child care and prevents them from pursuing educational opportunities or a second job necessary to climb their way out of poverty; and,

WHEREAS, No one should experience poverty, especially not people who are working full time, yet, 64% of poor Californians live in a working family and over 40% of CalFresh recipients in California live in a home with earnings.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that, by the adoption of this Resolution, the Women’s Caucus of the Democratic Party of California hereby SUPPORTS the position that family and financial stability should be supported by requiring food and general retail employers to give their employees at least two-weeks advance notice of their work schedule, pay employees for shifts that are changed or cancelled with short notice and provide up to 8 hours twice a year of unpaid time off when necessary to attend to a required appointments for public assistance programs sought by low-income workers to compensate for their low-wages;

AND, BE IT RESOLVED, because time is of the essence, the Democratic Party Women’s Caucus will communicate our position to Governor Edmund G. Brown, Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and Senate Pro-Tem Kevin de León as soon as possible.


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